Notable Personalities

House Draconis—The royal family of Ulcrest, King Kaelon Draconis leads his family along with his wife Vivienne and son Ziek.

Cities, Towns, and Other Populated Areas

Kingsford—The capital of Ulcrest. This bustling city hosts the noble houses of the kingdom, as well as they headquarters of the church.
Stormhaven —A small town built around a keep. It is Zeik Draconis’s private land.

Geographic Wonders

Darkling Forest—A vast forest in the center of Bagratha, Darkling Forest lies on the border of both Ulcrest and Kuldarr. As such, it is a hotly contested resource, and guerrilla and open warfare take place beneath its canopy often.
Sea of Drowned Souls—Once a vast plain, the area collapsed into the ocean during the fall of the elves, killing thousands.

Ruins, Battlefields, and other Sites of Adventure

El’halar—Found in the western reaches of Darkling Forest, El’halar is an elven ruin known to most with a passing knowledge of the elves’ ancient empire. Its treasure has long since been stripped away, but scholars and those interested in the elves explore its dark passages.

Aver’s Mill—Once a simple mill town on the edge of Darkling Forest, Aver’s Mill was recently the site of a skirmish between the forces of Ulcrest and Kuldarr. During the battle, however, a massive explosion obliterated the town and all within it, save for a handful of fortunate heroes.


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