Feros the Scarred


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
G6 G6 B4 B6 W7 W7


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes
G6 B6 G14 W6 2
PTGS Su: B7 Li: B14 Mi: G9 Se: G11 Tr: G13 Mo: G15

Skills – Brawling B7, Dragon-wise G5, Dwarf-wise G7, Gold-wise G6, Intimidation G10, Obscure History G7, Observation G6, Persuasion G6, Sorcery-wise G6, Stealthy B5, Treasure-wise G7


  1. I must have gold and gems for my bed, they comfort me.
  2. My home keeps me safe, and I will not allow any who discover it to live.
  3. I must find the bones of Teroch and desecrate them, it is the only way I can put my humiliation behind me.


  1. Always attempt to frighten off interlopers before they find my home.
  2. When someone discovers my home, always interrogate them on how they gained such knowledge before I kill them.
  3. When giants are in my territory, ambush them.
Weapon Type I/M/S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Talons B6/B11/B16 2 3 3 Long
Bite B6/B12/G2 2 3 3 Long

[Die Type]—Gigantic Stature, Lizard-like Skull, Arched Lean Body, Membranous Wings, Talons, Scintillating Scales, Keen Hearing, Keen Touch, Devastator, Dragon’s Blood, Dragon’s Breath, Dragon’s Flight, Armor-Plated Skull, Insatiable Greed, Mortally Wounded, Blind (+ 2 Ob to sight-based tests), Traumatized by Lightning (+ 4 hesitation vs. lightning), Lame

Breath Attack—B6 (open-ended) Ob. 1, 2 Actions. Power = Forte (G7): I G4, M G7, S G10. Determine IMS with DoF. VA 4. 50 pace cone, as Natural Effect (3D). Each breath requires Ob 6 Forte test, margin of failure reduces power of Breath on subsequent uses.

As full plate on head (and eyes), as heavy chain on torso, legs, and tail, as light chain on belly.

Feros the Scarred

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