Burning Bagratha


Burning Bagratha Session 2

Session two was great system-wise. I think the players learned more of how the systems of Burning Wheel work (such as taking action to complete a belief). The prince’s player especially took center stage. However, he shined so brightly some of the other characters got a little less screen time, which is something I’ll have to work on so everyone gets in on some action. Sadly, the dwarf didn’t get to chase his Beliefs much this session, but that’s my fault and I should have pushed him a bit more.

Story-wise, the group returned home with the information gained from The Dark of El’halar, specifically that the fragment was one fifth of an Elvish weapon of mass destruction. Unfortunately, it was revealed that Grigor Wolfe was a mage, and so the lawful prince Zeik Draconis bound the court researcher and drug him home. When they reached the city the mage was drug through the streets, commoners pelting him with rocks and rotten food.

He was sent to the black cells, to await inquisition and judgment. Behind the scenes certain of the mage’s allies were working to free him, but the prince was making the issue all the more difficult, getting the king directly involved and sealing the mage’s fate (execution).

Meanwhile, Cyrene Hypatia was busy tracking down the faction who was trying to use her as a figure head and oust the current royal family [this was the first Circles roll of the game… and it was failed—the consequence was that she contacted someone secretly working with the faction]. Through this contact she learned of a supposed meeting place the rabble-rousers liked to gather.

Back at the castle, the prince later realized that Grigor was no monster [perhaps a bit of the player feeling guilty that he had done this to another player], as the church had led everyone to believe, and had sentenced a good man to death. He first tried convincing his father that he should question Grigor and not the head inquisitor. Failing that, he decided to bust the mage out. At the same time, Grigor was deciding to attempt a jail-break.

In the cell, a guard arrived, planning to break Grigor’s hands so the mage couldn’t bewitch anybody during the execution. However, Grigor used Shards, forcing the guard to hesitate and beg for mercy. Grigor tied the man up, stole his clothes, and locked him up. The mage met up with the rest of the group as they were coming to rescue him, and the prince decided it was a good time for everyone to lay low in his personal keep well away from the city.



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