Notable Personalities

Holds, Cities, and Other Populated Areas

Darksteel Hold—Largest, and most powerful, of the dwarven holds, the Darksteel clan is “first among equals,” though that usually means they make all the decisions and strongarm the other clans into following their lead.
Ghostbeard Hold—The weakest hold, many feel the Ghostbeards have been absorbed by the Darksteels in every manner except on paper.
Forgeborn Hold—Second most powerful of the holds, the Forgeborn are also the most remote of Stoneheart clans. Because of this, they tend to get away with openly defying the Darksteels.
Blackshield Hold—Now the southern most Stoneheart hold, since the fall of Kazhakar, Blackshield is embroiled in a vicious battle with a warband of orcs calling itself the Worm-Eater Clan.
Kazhakar Hold—A tragically fallen hold, lost to recent orc invasion. Refuges has poured north into the other holds.

Geographic Wonders

The Forge of Kings—The volcano known on the surface as The Pit of A’shar, to the dwarves is known as the Forge of Kings. It is here that their finest smiths and artisans make pilgrimage to forge their finest creations.


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