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Locations of Note

Kuldarr—An empire ruled by mages that covers almost half of Bagratha, Kuldarr is currently at war with Ulcrest.
Ulcrest—The second major political power of Bagratha, Ulcrest is a kingdom with strong relations with the Church of ((NAME??)). Religious views of magic naturally put them at odds with Kuldarr.
Nexus—The only free city in Bagratha, Nexus is a neutral point—a place where either side can meet for what few diplomatic endeavors occur.
The Gray Wastes—A frozen tundra unwanted and untouched by either Kuldarr or Ulcrest, the Gray Wastes are home to wandering tribes of wild men who struggle against giants, orcs, and other monsters to survive.
Stoneheart—Once part of the vast underground dwarven empire of Kazhar-kul, the holds of Stoneheart are only a fraction of their former glory, the rest lost to orcs, monsters, and the dwarves’ own greedy infighting.

Creature Feature

Dragons—Great wyrms of ages long past, dragons were driven to near extinction by the elves and giants. The few that remain live away from civilized land.
Giants—Averaging twelve feet in height, the giants were like gods to the nomadic tribes of the north and the single greatest enemies of the dragons.
Men—Some would argue, the most dangerous creatures…
Orcs—Holed away in their mountain lairs and strongholds, the orcs battle with the dwarves for territory and spoils.
Undead—In forgotten recesses of Bagratha walk the dead who could not pass into whatever lies beyond, but instead hunt for living flesh.

Obscure Histories

Elves—Once a powerful race which ruled all of Bagratha, the elves are now extinct, killed by a cataclysm a millennia ago that history has now forgotten. All that remains are grown over ruins or repurposed cities.

Artifacts of Power

Crucible of Spite-A powerful elven weapon crafted just before the fall of their people.

Teroch’s Arch-A legendary bow of the giant Teroch.

Main Page

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